Wheyward Spirit Now Available in Nebraska 
Farm to Flask Whey-Based Spirit Launches Eastward Expansion with Republic National Distributing Company 

(Portland, OR) October 31, 2022-  Wheyward Spirit, a first of its kind distilled specialty spirit bringing sustainably sourced, upcycled whey from domestic diaries into the alcohol industry, announced that the company is jumpstarting its expansion eastward in partnership with Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC). 

The Nebraska market is the first for Wheyward Spirit with RNDC and the newest expansion to Wheyward Spirit’s in-store availability, beyond Oregon and California. Wheyward Spirit is also available to ship to your doorstep in 35 states, as well as in Washington D.C., from their website.

Wheyward Spirit is a clear, distilled specialty spirit (80 proof) developed to be savored straight or used in place of standard base spirit in drinks, giving a bespoke twist to classic cocktails that is versatile and sippable. Founder and CEO Emily Darchuk spent years developing their unique handcrafted process as she wanted to maintain the natural characteristics of whey throughout the distillation process. The flavor profile is delicate yet complex and has oaky hints of vanilla cream and warm spice notes, rounded with a subtle pear aroma, followed by a velvety smooth finish. The spirit has no additives or flavorings and is gluten, grain, and lactose-free. It has been described as having the smoothness and complexity of an ultra-premium tequila blanco crossed with the lightness and versatility of a vodka. Wheyward Spirit has been awarded a New York World Wine and Spirits Double Gold Medal, a Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits competition, and has been featured as a food finalist for Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards. 

“I am so excited to work with the RNDC Nebraska team. This first step in expansion eastward will be monumental in the growth of Wheyward Spirit,” said Founder and CEO Emily Darchuk. “ We are thrilled to bring Wheyward Spirit to more stores around the nation.” 

About Wheyward Spirit: 
Wheyward Spirit comes from an authentic pride in being a premium whey-based spirit and from our “Wheyward” mentality to buck the status quo and do things differently for the right reasons, from our flavorful and versatile offering, to our sustainable farm-to-flask production. We invite people to take time to savor our flavor and appreciate the journey and positive impact that both serves the greater good and guarantees a good time. Wheyward Spirit is now available for delivery to 36 states through the organization’s website and regional liquor retailers. For additional information and recipes, you can visit their website: Instagram: @wheywardspirit Facebook: @Thewheywardspirit


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